Gladstone Ferries

News Announcement

Gladstone Ferries joins SeaLink Travel Group

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the SeaLink Travel Group family. Our services will continue to run and operate as normal, but you may see a few changes to our websites as we undergo this transition. For more information about the SeaLink Travel Group please visit the website:

Gladstone Ferries

The Gladstone Ferry service to Curtis Island in Gladstone began transporting workers in February 2011, following the award of two major contracts for passenger and vehicular ferry services in support of the construction of the Liquefied Natural Gas projects.

Gladstone Ferries endeavours to provide its customers with:

  • A high quality, efficient and reliable transport service between the mainland and Curtis Island;
  • A comfortable and enjoyable way for its staff to travel to and from work;
  • Exceptional customer service with polite and friendly staff;
  • A willingness to collaborate with its clients to solve problems and deliver the most efficient logistics solutions;
  • Vessels presented to the highest standards; and
  • Impeccable safety, quality and environmental standards.